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LFT-III-3D-Series: Third Generation 3D tube cutting machine

5-Axis Affordable 3D Tube cutting machine - angle cut of +-45°

Available April 2021

Lasertube 3D Technology

3D laser tube cutting

A world of opportunities

With state-of-the-art 3D laser cutting technologies, we can eliminate several costly operations in one go, including drilling, sawing, milling, counterboring and punching. With our new 3D Laser Tube cutting Machines the entire process is performed in one go, saving customers up to more than 50% of the usual amount of time required for the assignment. With this in mind, we feel confident in saying that this is the future of our industry!

3D laser cutting produces exceptionally homogenous and precise results which facilitate post-processing flows and, in turn, significant savings in our own manufacturing.  We offer 3D laser cutting machines for a large variety of materials, using the latest 3D laser cutting technology. Whether a task calls for counterboring or an assembly kit with a framework in square workpieces or tubes, 3D laser cutting is the best choice. The end result is always beautiful workpieces with precise corners and edges.

Patented contour height following support

NON ROUND profiles perfectly supported before, during and after cutting


A supporting outfeed riser allows cut products to be easily and gently ejected onto the collection area or conveyor.

LFT-III-3D-HSP-Series: High Speed - High Precision 5-axis 3D laser Tube cutting Machine

Lasertube 3D Technology

New full 3D laser Tube Cutting

Affordable 5-axis 3D Laser Tube cutting machine

FIBER LFT-III-3D Series: 5 axis Tubes and Profiles Fiber Laser

High-quality bevel cuts of up to +-45°

Diagonal cutting – one function that changes everything

Our 3D tube laser cutting machines' ability to pivot their cutting head in an additional, fifth axis, even up to 45°, represents the solution to one of the greatest problems in modern profile machining. When the laser beam always meets the tube being machined at precisely 90°, this results in an elliptical cutting edge with as reesult none close fitting assemblies. Now the option to pivot the tube laser cutting head, together with the feed axis, makes it possible to achieve a fully diagonal cut and to make perfect fittings in your constructions. 


  • 3D tube laser cutting technology replaces a number of traditional methods at one time.
  • Replace a band saw and a drill, allows milling or chamfer edges.
  • Reducing production time and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Extremely flexibility, precision and top quality cutting, as well as wide field of application.
  • Open profiles and flat steel can be processed, as well as profiles of various shapes, with diameter till 220 mm 
  • Automated parameter settings and tube feeding speed.
  • 3D laserhead from Raytools or WSX depend model
  • more than 50% time reduction for average parts