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New: Available from 02 2021

COMBI LASER WELDING MACHINE : ONE MACHINE offers best of both worlds : handheld welding and robot welding

Wobble-Combi-3R+ --- Wobble-Combi-4R+

COMBI WOBBLE LASER WELDING MACHINES: One machine offer both: handheld and robot laser welding

Robot Welding + Handwelding in one machine.

Most flexible laser welding machine available in the market

Advantages of robot welding and manual welding in ONE machine

Manual welding still has a place in modern manufacturing industry. Manual welding is a good choice for projects that need to change welding methods quickly. A professional welder can quickly change what he is doing, but the robot can't adapt to the uncertain situation quickly. All manual welding is still a process that many companies need. 

Using the same laser source and cooling unit for automated or Robot welding can reduce drastically the investment cost. If your robot or automated machine need to work 24/24-7/7 on the production, then this solution is not a perfect one for you. If the automated production is only partial time frame filling, then the laser welding machine can be used as handwelding machine within 5 minutes modification of the laser head! 

Like this your welders can reach perfect weldings  much faster and with a much better result! This investment doubles your output possibilities!

Combined laser welding - One machine for 2 welding systems

HANDHELD Laser Welding and Robotized Laser Welding in one

ONE Laser Welding Machine - TWO different laser welding heads

Manual and automatic laser welding Laserhead interchangeable in 5 minutes from manual to automatic.

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WOBBLE-3+ & Wobble-R+: Affordable high Quality Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machines