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Wobble-R+ Fiber laser wobble welding integration till 3kW for robots

Adjustable Wobble diameter = Adjustable welding Width

Extremely clean welding process

Problem-free welding of demanding sheet materials with fiber laser technology opens up a whole new dimension of process expertise to users in the field of welding technology.

Wobble: Rotating beam (Weaving)- Stir beam Welding

The Wobble-Head can bridge far larger gaps than are possible using conventional laser welding systems.

The Wobble welding head is equipped with a rotating lens. This allows the laser beam to circle within an adjustable defined radius and makes it possible to reliably bridge larger gap sizes than were possible in the past. This both with and without a welding rod, even within the same part.

The result is that less material is deposited, the heat input is reduced and precisely defined weld edges that require almost no retouching are achieved. Thanks to the use of the weaving/wobbling technique, it is possible to bridge gaps that are up to 50% wider than is possible using conventional laser welding systems while retaining the same high quality.

Remote Laser Welding  Robot-Ready System "Wobble-R" series

  1. High-quality beam with high-output (till 3 kW) by Direct fiber Laser oscillator
    • Low distortion & high-speed welding
    • High energy density allows low heat input welding.
    • Lower running cost
    • Energy conversion efficiency is more than 3 times as high as any other welding device, which reduces electricity costs.
    • Very small HAZ-zone (Heat affected Zone)
  2. Great condition tolerance
    • Increased tolerance for gap and target point misalignment (Unique adjustable process of Wobbling/Spinning process)
  3. Easy-to-use 
    • Easy settings of weld conditions 
  4. High functionality trepanning/wobbling head - Compact, lightweight, and easy maintainability
  5. Universal adaptable to any robot even for a not not specialized robot for Laser welding

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WOBBLE-3+ & Wobble-R+: Affordable high Quality Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machines