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LFT-III-3D Series - NEW +-45°

Affordable 5-Axis 3D Tube laser Cutting Machine

Laser tube cutting machines

Shape the future : Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

Tubes, pipes and profiles are used in many applications, from mechanical engineering and system construction to the furniture industry. Laser tube cutting machines have opened up new design possibilities, so more and more designers are taking advantage of the benefits of laser-cut tubes and profiles in order to considerably increase demand. Discover the comprehensive solutions for laser tube cutting and learn what our Lasermach Tube cutting machines can do for you!

The future is Fiber laser!

Fiber laser tube and pipe cutting

Pressure to manufacture products in shorter time periods and at lower costs is growing in conventional tube cutting.
With the  laser, entire process steps are no longer necessary, and this means immediate savings.
You expand your part spectrum and your range of customers at the same time.
The laser’s versatility makes it possible to produce small lot sizes quickly and efficiently and offers the flexibility needed to tackle custom jobs.
The broadened spectrum of design possibilities offered by laser cutting gives both manufacturers and their clients a clear competitive edge over conventional methods.

LFT-3th Generation Series Tube laser cutting Machines

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machines: 4 Axis Tube Laser cutting or Full 3D 5 Axis Tube Laser cutting


Small and smart Tube laser cutting Machine

max load: 160kg/m
6m or 8m


Small and smart Tube laser cutting Machine - 3D - 5axis

+- 45°
max load: 160kg/m
6m or 8m


Heavy duty Model

Ø220(opt 350)mm  
max load: 220(opt 300)kg/m


High Speed - High Precision Model

Ø220(opt 320)mm
max load: 170(opt 300)kg/m


Heavy Duty 3D tube laser cutting machine


High speed & high precision 3D tube laser cutting machine

LFT-BIG-Plus Series

Beam and profile fiber laser cutting machine

Market Potential and Efficiency of Fiber laser Tube cutting

The tube market is growing and still open to newcomers

The steadily increasing demand for laser-cut tubes combined with the limited availability of suitably equipped manufacturers means that in the most cases high margins can be achieved.
To date, only a limited number of suppliers have adopted laser tube cutting – but those that have are remarkably successful. lasermach customers report that they have significantly boosted sales of laser-cut tubes and profiles by emphasizing the advantages of this new method of fabrication in their marketing activities. Many of them have soon found themselves operating two shifts, and investing in additional laser tube cutting machines within just a few years.


Compare the cost of tube laser cutting with conventional machining (cutting, sawing and drilling):

Tooling None High
Handling: moving parts from machine to machine None – all features produced in one cycle High – queuing, coordination
Scrap Low – parts are accurate with good edge quality -ready for the next operation Medium to high – dull tools, multiple handling, and tool forces can create costly scrap
Material Low – very little material wasted due to short clamping requirements and small kerf size Can be high due to added material requirements with certain machining operations
Production Flexible process results in low probability of production delays Multiple processes result in higher chance of production delays because of bottlenecks

Fiber laser Beam and Tube Cutting Line; Generation 3.0

The LFBP BIG+-III Fiber laser Beam, Profile, Pipe and Tube Cutting Line

The advantages of fiber laser cutting:

More efficiency and less power consumption

The increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system which means a monthly savings on your utility bills and a reduction in the initial investment in electrical equipment and services.

Superior performance on thinner materials

The faster speed of nitrogen fiber laser cutting on thin walled more than doubles machine productivity compared to CO2: mild steel and medium thickness stainless steel are the materials that typically benefit the most from fiber laser technology.

No laser maintenance needed

The fiber laser does not require routine maintenance or rebuilding procedures. No laser gas is needed. Laser beam quality is stable over time and is available immediately upon start up.

New materials and new opportunities

Copper and brass, materials which were off-limits with CO2technology can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky to cut aluminum and galvanized steels have no limits. Fiber technology offers new opportunities and a more robust production method for difficult materials.

Cost and time benefits of laser tube cutting

Laser tube cutting saves time and costs. In a single operation, you can create perforations and complex contours, and also cut tubes to the desired length. The integrated process cuts out intermediate steps such as storage, parts handling and tool changes, and simplifies downstream tasks such as deburring, welding and assembly. Laser tube cutting benefits not only you, but your customers as well. It is a means of reducing assembly effort.

With the help of laser tube cutting, you can save up to 50 percent of your time and 30 percent of your expense in comparison to a conventionally produced and welded part.

By adopting the new possibilities offered by laser tube cutting, you will be able to expand your range of services. Many of your customers will no doubt be keen to incorporate metal tubes in their product designs. By opting for one of our innovative laser tube cutting systems, you will be able to realize the full potential of tubes.

Tube laser cutting gives you the freedom to create new tube designs that would not be possible using conventional methods, while at the same time reducing the number of downstream manufacturing steps. The use of laser cutting enables you to simplify welding setup and reduce the time and costs involved in welding operations. Positioning aids based on interlocking tabs and slots facilitate component assembly, and coded parts prevent the risk of assembly errors.

1000 Watt Fiber Laser

2000 Watt fiber Laser

3000 Watt fiber Laser

Chuck Intelligent CNC Self-centering, Precise Control of Clamping Position

Outline Recognition Realizes Precise Cutting

Applies outline recognition function and creates photoelectric register, which overcomes the difficulties of precision detection of elliptical tube and lumbar round tube.

It makes the cutting more precise and stable, and the precise cutting is superior in the industry.

Tubes realize non-inductive and high-efficiency detection, and realize the position deviation of the whole meter section’s cutting accuracy within 0.15mm.

Fiber Laser Cutting Has Evolved

Introducing Fast, Powerful, and Affordable Machines backed by a 3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

on our CNC Fiber laser cutting machines


Our Lasermach CNC fiber Laser cutting machines are covered bya better than industry standard

3 year warranty.  

Most other CNC laser cutting machines suppliers have you covered for only 12 months.  

All Lasermach CNC Fiber laser cutting machines purchases also qualify for FREE Lifetime technical support via telephone and email.

Optimal max cutting thickness with Fiber laser in different materials

Cutting thickness and parameters for metal 1000W 2000W 3000W
Carbon steel (O2) 12mm 16mm 20mm
Stainless steel (N2) 6mm 8mm 10mm
Aluminum (N2) 3mm 8mm 10mm
Brass (N2) 3mm 6mm 8mm
Copper (O2) 2mm 4mm 4mm

Cutting capacity of a 15kW fiber Laser:

50mm steel plate

NON STANDARD SOLUTION: Universal cutting of special shaped tubes and open sections

a Lasermach fiber laser Tube cutting speciality

You are not limited to just round, square or rectangular. Special shaped tubes, Profiles, beams or open sections can be programmed and cut without problems.

The use of non-standard shaped tubes (i.e. not round, square or rectangular) has expanded greatly over the years.
You can process special sections and even open shapes without any special equipment.
The tube loading and handling capabilities combined with the design freedoms of the special tube cutting software suite peerless provide unmatch capabilities, reliable operation and performance.

New degrees of design freedom

  • The number of components is reduced with cutting/bending
  • Faster assembly thanks to tabbed joints
  • All processing takes place in one a single environment
  • Not just round, square and rectangular profiles
  • Tube beyond your wildest imagination
  • Unlimited possibilities for tubular furniture.
  • Only laser cutting allows for such precision
  • Explore new solutions through tube
  • Trim stamped parts for automotive applications
  • The joints simplify the welding of the frames
  • The ‘cut and bend’ technique is also effective in aesthetic applications
  • Made from one piece instead of eight thanks to laser cutting
To create tubular assemblies where tube ends intersect (such as door or window frames) requires accurate part positioning, fixturing, and welding. It becomes even more difficult if the tube shapes are complex or there are lots of variations of lengths or sizes. It can involve producing and managing a large number of different parts.

The solution

Using the laser Tube-Cut technique is one of the most efficient ways to make light tubular frames and structures. It can be used to combine multiple components that require special fixtures and carefule butt-joints into a single piece that can be quickly and accurately bent and welded. This technique reduces part count, eliminates fixture and significantly reduces manufacturing costs. The creation of these special joints are easily created with our machines.

The benefits

The reduction in the number of pieces to be produced eliminates in-process inventory, simplifies final assembly and eliminate the possibility of assembly errors.

Technical aspects

Laser cutting takes into account material thickness, eliminates the need for most fixturing needed for welding and ensures faster production.
An example is a chair frame which traditionally has been made from many separate parts. Now it can be easily made as a single piece folded at differnt points using the  cut-for-bend function .

Our laser machines bring you a cost-effective, low-maintenance, environmental-friendly solution to your organization.

We deliver Fiber Laser Cutting machines that provides quality cutting and tight tolerances, low productivity loss between jobs and less maintenance costs.

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