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S-Series: Super-power, for Super thick and thin plates.

Equipped with high/super power fiber laser device, efficient thick plate cutting is no longer a dream, thin plate cutting is more speedy.

S Series

The S Series is specifcally designed for cutting very thick sheet metal and is available in a range of Laser powers from 4kw to an incredible 15kw to make cutting thicker material a breeze.

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Super high power laser for very thick material
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Automatic Nozzle Changer

Automatic Replacement

Automatic Calibration

Automatic Cleaning

Auto focus laser head

Touch control

Touch control & Double HD Cameras

Touch control

Touch screen with double HD cameras, give you the peak experience! The first one to use UI design in the world which lets display respond to processing table, making processing more intuitive; Elegant curves precisely fit machine body. Strong waterproof breathable system creates the best space, making operation more convenient

Wireless remote control equipment

Mobile phone size can meet one-handed operation

Magnetic design can be adsorbed on the machine bed at any time, available at all times

Cast Iron Bed

A Cast Iron Bed Lasts Forever

A CAST iron bed has a high request on the technical strength and supply chain’s quality, especially the casting structural design. It is difficult to make structural design fit with casting process. As the workpiece size is too large, if lacking casting experience, it is easy to cause casting defects, such as trachoma, loosing, broken and other defects. We have strong technical strength and supply chain to ensure that we can produce high-quality casting bed.


Using flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa. High carbon content, high compressive strength and high hardness. Strong shock absorption and wear resistance. Low thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss of equipment in using, so the machine accuracy could maintain for a long time, and no deformation in a life cycle.