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Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking of Metals

Which metals can be laser marked and engraved?

There is hardly any kind of metal that is not capable of being laser marked or laser engraved.

Equally comprehensive are the processing procedures that are used for the identification and engraving of metals:
They range from annealing and black marking to "simple" and three-dimensional engraving.
Laser changeable images can be equally created as decorative surface structures and protecting micro engravings.

A list of metals that can be laser marked and laser engraved is long and includes the following types of metals - but also many more that might not be listed below:

Stainless steel
high-grade steel
Carbon steel
ferrous metals

Which materials can a MOPA machines engrave and which materials can a Q--switch Machine engrave?

Engraving and Marking: Q-Switch Versus MOPA

Laser Source Q-Switch MOPA
Gold y y
Aluminium Y Y
Aluminium (with dark color effect also) N Y
Stainless steel (only white and dark colors) Y Y
Stainless Steel (with multiple colors) N Y
Platinum Y Y
Silver Y Y
Titanium Y Y
Brass Y Y
Tungsten Y Y
Carbide Y Y
Nickel Y Y
Carbon steel Y Y
Crome Y Y
Copper Y Y
Iron and other metals Y Y
ABS plastic (low rate of melting burn) N Y
ABS plastic (high rate of melting burn)* Y Y
PC plastic (low rate of melting burn) N Y
PC plastic (high rate of melting burn)* Y Y
PLA plastic Y Y
Silicon plastic Y Y
PBT plastic and others Y Y
* Q-Switch sources can engrave different plastics but in some of them you will feel the engraving by the touch of our fingers.