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Deburring Process

Laser Slag and Laser Dross Removal from flat metal

Drawing And Polishing Of Flat Metal Surface

Plane Workpiece Corner Rounding

Laser cutting parts deburring and edge rounding machine focused on contours and edges ONLY

Our laser parts deburring machine does a fantastic job on deburring and edge rounding of parts after laser cutting. It keeps original part size, in the meantime cleans the burrs and creates minor rounded edges. The unique work station configurations would have only minimum touching on the whole surface, but focus on the edges and contours, therefore greatly saving the consumable, and keeping majority of the surface intact.

  Machine characteristic overview:  

  • Conveyor feed through type, high efficiency

  • Narrow abrasive belt head for sanding out the burrs on the edges and contours, horizontal crossbelt station for further edge rounding

  • Each work station can work together or individually, versatile and flexible for different requirement

  • Electro-magnetic table to accommodate small parts

  • Straight forward and user-friendly operation

  • Auxiliary LED lighting inside machine

  • Dust collection hood is installed inside the machine.

  • Small foot print

Under construction

Automatic deburring of laser cut plates