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LLCL-Series: Laser cladding turning machine

Laser cladding of rolls - Soon available

  • Swing over bed:Φ850mm
  • Maximun workpiece length:3200mm
  • Maximun turning length:3100mm
  • Span of guideway:  435mm
  • Spindle bore:  Φ94mm
  • Machine overall dimensions:6500×2000×2640mm

Laser Cladding for Continuous Caster Rolls

Laser cladding is a cost effective method of applying a relatively thin layer of an expensive, high performance alloy, which increases wear resistance and provides an effective corrosion resistant barrier.

Continuous caster rolls are used in the steel industry to cast continuous solid forms from liquid steel. The rolls are exposed to thermal fatigue, high temperatures, bending stresses, corrosion oxidation and abrasion.

The standard method of protecting caster rolls is by submerged arc welding with a 400 series stainless steel, which can suffer heat affected zone cracking between weld runs. Laser cladding the caster rolls is a cost effective method of applying a thin layer of a high performance alloy, in this case nickel based super alloys, to improve wear and corrosion resistance.

Laser cladding is a process that falls into the range of hard-facing solutions, which can be used to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance or impact performance of metallic components, using a method of applying a fully dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating. Rolls that have been laser clad have been proven to last up to five times longer than the standard submerged arc welded rolls.