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What is a robotic laser cladding machine?

The robot cladding machine is a large-scale laser remanufacturing equipment independently developed by Lasermach laser based on industrial six-axis robots. The equipment is mainly composed of six-axis industrial robot, rollover tooling, biaxial positioner, robot walking axis, workbench, laser, powder feeder, cladding and human-machine interface control system.

The robot cladding machine has complete functions, diverse performances and strong versatility. It can realize the cladding of shaft surface, curved surface and special-shaped parts. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters of Robotic Laser Cladding Systems

Model LTCS-1200/1500
Power 4KW/6KW
Machine length 3m/6m/9m/12m
Max rotation diameter 1200mm/1500mm
Max capacity 3t/10t /15t
Robot brand of choice
Biaxial positioner Swing 120-degree+rotate 360-degree
Cladding thickness 0.1-1.5mm
Cladding layer characteristics restoration/wear-resisting/corrosion-resisting and so on

Strong Versatility

 The robot cladding workstation is not only suitable for laser cladding processing of simple surfaces such as shafts and planes, but also for processing complex surfaces such as balls and curved surfaces.

High Precision and Stability

 The powder feeder uses servo motors instead of stepping motors, mass flow meters instead of float flow meters, and CNC processing powder discs. Therefore, the conveying accuracy and stability of the cladding machine is much higher than that of the same type of products.

High Degree of Automation

 The whole processing process adopts computer control. The function of robot is highly integrated and the application system can be switched directly.