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Lasers for Building Cleaning

The laser cleaning technology in the area of buildings and surfaces cleaning gently cleans and removes soil, dust, or “time deposits” from steel structures, sandstone, marble, granite as well as from concrete without physical damage of the surface architecture. Laser light can accurately clean coloured and pigmented surfaces, remove soot and restore the original beauty of the building. And all this without using chemicals, solvents, abrasives, water or dust and without the need for secondary waste disposal.

Extremely precise laser system performance and intensity through interchangeable laser optics provide a unique eco-friendly and innovative tool for building and facade renovation.


    • Eliminates the use of solvents (climate protection)
    • Reduction of grinding and chemical cleaning resources
    • Reducing noise in inhabited parts of cities
    • Cost reduction
    • High productivity of tools
    • Reduction of the masking material
    • The process can be used safely outdoor (for example masts) and in the locations where it’s not possible to use conventional methods