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100 Watt Portable MOPA Power

The best entry laser cleaning machine available with Nano second pulse laser technology

Our Enrtry machine: LASER-SWIPE-ECO-100M

equiped with the very best MOPA laser source for an VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE

Portable pocket-size Wireless handheld laser controller

Control your laser cleaning machine with just one Thumb

Click on Pictures for details

2-axis fully programmable Lightweight torch for comfortable working

Cleaning Torch Weight < 675 gram

Easy Focus setting

Move the cleaning gun forward or backwards till the point is in the little square to be in focus!

2-axis programmable Galvo laser Head Multi program modus

simply controlled by your thumb

100 Watt portable MOPA laser POWER Cleaning Solution

PLUG and PLAY - Super simple operation - only 28kg complete - Schock Proof ABS heavy duty trolley.

What is a MOPA Laser and What is it Used For?

High precision Power cleaning

Fiber lasers, be it pulsed or continuous wave, have prevailed in nearly all industries for marking, engraving, cleaning. The fiber lasers that are used for industrial part cleaning usually are either Q-switch or MOPA lasers.  As of today, Q-switch lasers are more limited in fine tuning but more common because they have already existed on the market for a longer time and a little cheaper. That is why they are mostly offered on "entry level" machines and called “standard laser”. But due to their high flexibility, MOPA lasers are the best new alternative for most applications.

  • Precision Cleaning
  • Multilayer cleaning by layer
  • Fragile Surface saving precision cleaning
  • Surface Heat
  • Texturing Treatment
  • Colorful Marking
  • Precision Marking
  • Film Cutting
  • Anodic Aluminum Etching

What does the term MOPA mean?

The term MOPA is an abbreviation for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. The master oscillator, which can handle much higher frequencies and give shorter and better controllable pulses than others, produces the beam while the optical amplifier is used for boosting the output power.

Cleaning Capacity of our 100 Watt MOPA ECO SWIPE-Cleaner

Surface material Cleaning Thickness Pullse Frequency Pulse width Focus length Focus diameter Maximum energy/pulse Removal Rate Efficiency
Oxide layer < 25µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 254mm 85 µm 1mJ 5 m²/h
Oxide layer < 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 254mm 85 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h
Oxide layer > 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 1,5 m²/h
Rusty Scale < 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 254mm 85 µm 1mJ 3 m²/h
Rusty Scale < 100µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 2 m²/h
Rusty Scale > 100 µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 1 m²/h
Paint/Cladding Material < 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 254mm 85 µm 1mJ 1 m²/h
Paint/Cladding Material < 100µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h
Paint/Cladding Material > 100 µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h
Dirt Carbon Layer < 25µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 254mm 85 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h
Dirt Carbon Layer < 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h
Dirt Carbon Layer > 50µm 20-10.00khz 10-350ns 160 mm 53 µm 1mJ 2,5 m²/h

MOPA makes all the difference

Key to the new method of precision laser cleaning is the use of a different type of laser called MOPA (short for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier). “We found a highly skilled partner that specializes in laser cleaning, using MOPA laser technology.

What sets this laser technology apart from the more commonly used standard pulsed laser cleaning technology, is that it allows us to set both the pulse frequency and pulse time in order to better control the cleaning process. We can also reach much higher pulse rate frequencies and shorter pulse times, this with result to be much more carefull for the underground.

It has taken us a considerable amount of time and effort to perfectly tune this technology to our needs. But I am happy to say that we have managed to succeed and now come up with a completely new and innovative solution: the MOPA Cleaning Laser.

Heavy Duty ABS Travel case on wheels

100 Watt of leaser cleaning power in one single protection box



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