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The Best handheld Laser Torch Available

WOBBLE6-PRO+: the best handheld Laser torch on the market!

Available from September 2021

What is Fiber laser WOBBLE Welding?

Standard welding heads are designed to focus a collimated laser beam to a required spot size, keeping the beam path static through the beam delivery and a static spot at the focal plane. This standard configuration limits each setup to a specific application.
Wobble heads, on the other hand, incorporate scanning mirror technology inside a standard weld head.
By moving the beam with internal mirrors, the focal spot is no longer static, and can be dynamically adjusted by changing the shape, amplitude, and frequency.

Wobble Laser Welding visual explained

Lasermach WOBBLE-3-serie: het beste draagbare fiberlaserlasapparaat op de markt

Wobble3 + wordt geleverd met instelbare lasbreedte (instelbare diameter 0-3,0 mm)

Standard welding heads limits each setup to a specific application.

Wobble welding heads incorporate scanning mirror technology inside a standard weld head.

The wobble welding head is equipped with a rotating lens "weaving". By moving the beam with internal mirrors, the focal spot is no longer static, and can be dynamically adjusted by changing the shape, amplitude, and frequency of various patterns. This allows the laser beam to circle within a defined radius and makes it possible to reliably bridge larger gap sizes than were possible in the past. This both with and without a welding rod, even within the same part.

The result is that less material is deposited, the heat input is reduced and precisely defined weld edges that require almost no retouching are achieved.

Thanks to the use of the Wobbling weaving technique, it is possible to bridge gaps that are up to 30%~50% wider than is possible using conventional laser welding systems while retaining the same high quality or even achieving better quality.

New Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Easy Operate, Any One, Any Metal!

500W / 1000W / 1500W / 2000W

Laser Power

0~150 mm/s

Working Speed

0.5-4 mm

Welding Thickness


Wave Length

WOBBLE-3: Fiber Laser Hand Welder

The welding speed is 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding speed.

Wobble welding technology allows to skip the filler material while achieving a high quality welding seam.

Wobble Head Welding - Seam Gap and Seam Offset

A factor of 2-3 increase in both process parameters can be achieved compared to conventional laser welding without Wobbling!

Seam Sealing Butt Weld with Loose tolerance

Bridge wide gaps with our Wobble-3

Larger Wobbling Spot Size helps bridging bigger gaps

The required tolerance for fit-up is reduced

The lower tolerances needed reduce the machining costs

Non tolerance parts can still be used : less scrap, less losses = big savings

Maximum yield and quality of welded part

Dissimilar Metal Welding of Sheet Metal Components

Join Stainless steel with zinc coated steel without cracking, porosity or blowholes!

The ability to create products using different metals and alloys greatly increases both design and production flexibility. Optimizing properties such as corrosion, wear and heat resistance of the finished product while managing its cost, is a common motivation for dissimilar metal welding.

Joining stainless steel and zinc coated (galvanized) steel is a one example. Because of their excellent corrosion resistance, both 304 stainless steel and zinc coated carbon steel have found widespread use in applications as diverse as kitchen appliances and aeronautical components.

The process presents some special challenges, particularly since the zinc coating can present serious problems with weld porosity. During the welding process, the energy that melts steel and stainless steel will vaporize the zinc at approximately 900⁰C, which is significantly lower than the melting point of the stainless steel.

The low boiling (vaporization) point of zinc causes a vapor to form during the keyhole welding process. In seeking to escape the molten metal, the zinc vapor may become trapped in the solidifying weld pool resulting in excessive weld porosity. In some cases, the zinc vapor will escape as the metal is solidifying creating blowholes or roughness of the weld surface.

With proper joint design and selection of laser process parameters, cosmetic and mechanically sound welds are readily produced. As shown below, the top and bottom surfaces of an overlap weld of 0.6 mm thick 304 stainless steel and 0.5 mm thick zinc coated steel exhibit no cracking, porosity, or blowholes.

  • left : Bottom bead (back side) of lap weld of 304 stainless steel and zinc coated steel. Shown is the zinc coated steel surface.
  • right: Top bead of lap weld of 304 stainless steel and zinc coated steel. Shown is the stainless steel surface.

Dissimilar Metal Welding - Different metals perfect joining by Fiber laser

As with any welding process, establishing a good fiber laser weld involves a lot of variables.

A material’s weldability is a factor. Most common materials a fab shop will process—be it carbon steel, stainless, or aluminum—have been successfully laser welded for years, using both continuous wave and pulsed modes. Lasers have performed dissimilar-metal welding ( Sample picture is copper joined with stainless steel by fiber laser welder), and specialized weld joint designs in galvanized material have even accounted for zinc outgassing. Moreover, a multikilowatt fiber laser has been shown to successfully weld even the most challenging of materials, including copper

Lasermach WOBBLE-3: Third Generation Handheld fiber laser welding machine

Fast, economical and safe hand welding with fiber laser beam

Wobble-3-Plus and Wobble-4Plus - 2021-03 NEW Design available

Integrated laser gun and cable cabinet - Reinforced cooling - Compact - improved HMI (Human - Machine - Interface)


Wobble-3 Plus with ergonomic hand welding torch with adjustable wobble diameter (0-3mm)

Wobble-4 Plus with dual axis programmable hand welding gun with adjustable wobble diameter (0-5mm) and 6 Wobbling Modes


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WOBBLE-3+ & Wobble-R+: Affordable high Quality Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machines

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