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3000w Metal Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

3000W laser power is really a high power in the handheld laser welding. For this laser power stage ,Lasermach uses a low eneergy consumption laser source, which reduces drastically the electricity consumption with 22 to 65%

High Power handheld Laser welding with dual wire infeed

2 x 2 mm wire infeed simultaniously

High Power Handheld laser Welding Machine

Handheld laser welding with 3000 Watt Laser Power - Soon available

Available 03/2023 : Handheld laser Welding with 3000 Watt

3kW laser welding from 8 mm till maximum 12 mm thickness (depend materials)

We make handheld laser welding for the bigger jobs till 12 mm maximum now available for everyone! 
With our new mirror technology with high speed servo motors and the EcolEner high efficient laser sources, we was able to find the good combination to have a portable high power handheld laser welding machine!


Webpage still under construction!!

High power portable Laser Welding soon avaialble

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