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Lasermach WOBBLE: Handheld fiber laser welding machine

FAST, economical and safe hand welding with fiber laser beam

Laser welding provides an efficient and stable process due to its high precision and fast production rate which has many applications in the electronics and automotive industry.

Traditionally, laser welding is done with a fixed welding head with a higher power laser having lower beam quality to give acceptable weld widths as single mode beams are too sharp leading to very narrow weld profiles.

In contrast wobble welding (or oscillation welding) is where a high beam quality laser is used with a galvo scan-head to rapidly oscillate the focal spot.

This method of welding enables much easier control of weld parameters such as weld width and depth of penetration which can lead to a more efficient welding process.

Intelligent laser seam tracking system for welding

Our Intelligent laser welding seam tracking system is composed by laser sensor and control host.

Laser sensor is used for welding seam active acquisition and control host is used for welding seam real time processing meanwhile keep communication with robot.

It has locating and tracking functions also can satisfy the need of intelligent welding requirement.