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Wobble3-Plus: Wobble-3 now even better!!

Can that be??

Wobble-3Plus: The perfection in handheld fiber laser welding

With adjustable wobbling Radius - Adjustable welding width!

Manual Adjusting of wobbling diameter from 0 - 3 mm

Wobble 3+ with adjustable welding width

Available for shipping: October 2020

Wobble 3Plus comes standard with magnetic welding torch holder

Hold the torch with or without wire feeder and fixes on your welding table with magnets

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WOBBLE-3 & Wobble-3+: Affordable high Quality Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machines

Welding Cable double protection layer with easy zip-off cover for easy cleaning or maintenance

Welding torch and Welding cable nicely and safely hidden from dirt and grabbing fingers